Back from EMDILAND

Back from the fantastic EMDIMENT convention at Neustadt an der Weinstrasse.
A week full of love, hate, creativity, good food, good ideas and colors, madness, sleeplessness, freedom, coffee, nature, dogs, silkscreen, nice people, art, cigarettes, cooperations, music…
Check out the EMDILAND BLOG for more madness (it’s only a small window into crazy Emdiland)

Out soon some stuff produced at EMDILAND. Above a little preview from the upcoming coop-ZINE between USEPAPER & TBOOKS. And also, as a new member of the exclusiv P-MEL Krew, there will be silkscreened USEUSE P-MEL Shirts and jute bags!
[audio:] Listen to the offical EMDIMENT 2010-theme “BENNY ILL” (rawcut) fast & dirty produced by JACQUES WOLGAST at Emdiland. Aller dann!